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Our Objective

The objects for which the society is established are upliftment of education for the economically backward and non-developed people in general and educational research for the revolution of the society.

To work for development of Health, Education, Community awareness and Vocational Education for children and adult women and to promote social, civil, medical, arts, science, non formal education, cultural and charitable activities including relief work for orphans or of the aged, sick, helpless or indigent persons

Provide education to the children. To run school to educate everyone

Government schemes to provide profit in agriculture and animal husbandry.

To promote all social welfare and activities in rural/urban areas including education, health, environment, women's awareness as well as to combat against violence/atrocities on women with all other related activities.

To develop orphans, child welfare and play institution with the help of NGO.

Funds of the Society may be raised by any International donor agency for the Interest of the Society.

To accept, receive, and collect subscription, donation or gift of all kinds such as property both moveable and immovable from any person.

To construct, maintain, improve, develop and alter any Buildings, Houses or other works necessary or convenient for purpose of the society.

To organized meetings, conferences, seminars, Awareness Camps etc. for achieving the aims of the society.

To arrange and organize Scientific Research and survey in the sphere of essential Products and consumers Goods.