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From the desk of Secretary

Shri Shree Deo Singh

Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play an important role in the development of a society. They endeavour for making good living conditions of the neglected, the underprivileged and the destitute people. Ours is a socialist country and our Government thrusts upon the upliftment of the downtrodden and vulnerable sections of the society. But without proper implementing agencies working at the grass roots level, all budgetary allocations, Government grants and aid schemes will go down the drain. It is the NGOs who execute the various Government programmes and thus play a significant role in achieving the socialist objective of our constitution. It is because of NGOs that we see a more civilized society.

Commitment to the professionalization of child protection practice and policy was the driving force behind the creation of the Our Initiative. Over the past three years, the Our team has piloted new assessment, design and evaluation methodologies; contributed to an evidence base on effective programming; and worked with partners to mainstream these findings into practice and policy agendas. Each Our discovery and achievement has occurred with and through our friends in NGO agencies. Indeed, enhancing agency competence and performance is the major focus of this work. We are therefore pleased to announce the formal launching of the Our Network: an inter-agency membership association dedicated to professionalizing the field of child care and protection through the collaborative action of humanitarian organizations, local institutions and academic partners.